Sennheiser PXC 450

The PXC 450 is of our favorite headphones. It combines the excellent sound quality of the Sennheiser headphone range with a proprietary noise-cancelling technology called NoiseGard 2.0.

NoiseGard is an active noise compensation system which detects the ambient noise and delivers a cancelling noise to neutralize its effect turning it to silence effectively cancelling up to 90% of the noise. This technology was originally developed by Sennheiser for pilots in order to provide a better work environment.

Even though the headphones are active, and require 2 AAA battery to function, they can be used passively without the batteries as excellent quality headphones. They also allow users of this headphone to engage in a conversation quite clearly without the unnecessary background noise as they have the intelligence (TalkThrough function) to detect talk.

In a review by a customer, five noise cancelling earphones were tested against the Sennheiser PXC 450: Bose QC2 & 3, JVC NC250, Audio Technica ANC7, and Sennheiser PXC-250.

The JVC was disqualified immediately, while the Audio Technicas were impressive for their price with the exception of not isolating sound, therefore not as amazing if you didn't want to disturb those around you.

Then it was the Sennheiser PXC 250, which we will review in another page, was quite impressive for such small headphones, however, it was felt that the batter wand got in the way and the noise cancelling wasn't the same as headphones that are on-ear.

Finally, the Bose headphones were tested, and the realisation was that the QC3 were amazing while the QC2 got slightly warm on the ears and both had pressure on the ears.
The customer concludes that the PXC 450 were the perfect headphones and they just fell in love with them and didn't have to think very head which ones to keep.

As for their sound quality, reviews came in to describe so many remarkable qualities of the unique sound these headphones produced. For example, hearing details in songs that they have heard so many times and weren't able to pick them up at the time, in addition to hearing the background singers sounds so distinctly.

The Sennheiser PXC 450 is mostly appreciated for its comfort, build quality and sound. It is slightly on the bulky side relative to its counterparts, nevertheless it is an admired set of headphones amongst its users and those who own a pair have reluctantly attempted to try other headphones for the same purpose and always come back to their PXC 450.

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