Sennheiser PXC 250-ii

In summary, the good aspect of these headphones is that they are light weight, durable, effectively cancel noise, can be used passively, and play wonderful sound at moderate volume levels.

The cons are that they don't play so well in higher volume levels, clamp a bit tight on the head, the battery compartment is on the cable (which can be an issue) and the battery has to be a standard (not rechargeable) AA battery.

Bottom line is for an average cost of $250, it is a great compact pair of noise cancelling headphones that will get you most of what you are looking for when it comes to your budget.

The details:

This on-ear headphone is a step from the higher range of noise-cancelling headphones like the PXC 450 at half the cost, which may naturally imply a slightly less effective noise cancellation.

In terms of music, these headphones respond wonderfully but have some trouble with deep bass at high volumes.

Their design may be an issue especially that they require to be stable on the ear for effective noise cancellation as some customers have complained about the ear phones moving a little which also makes them delicate.

On the other hand, other customers have found the compact foldable design to be quite pleasing and lightweight. It really depends on your taste in headphones, but this is something to definitely look for.

So being a matter of personal preference, some customers have reported that they don't cancel as much noise as the Bose, and this can be perceived as a good thing, because some people are used to a little ambient noise and feel strange when it isn't there, while others actually like the total absolute salience.

Finally, a few customers pointed out the following benefits:

  • Great sound quality (the noise cancelling gives an extra bass boost when switched on)
  • Compact (lighter and smaller than other over-the-head models, which packs down into a nice neat case)
  • Noise cancelling - Although it doesn't cut out as much as the Bose (partly because it doesn't cover your ears), it does help a lot
  • Great build quality
  • Good price!


  • The NoiseGard remote is bulky and often falls off my belt
  • Requires a single AAA battery (which runs out fast if you keep forgetting to switch it off!)
  • No mic/remote control if you're using with an iPhone

Overall, great for the tube, trains and aeroplanes!

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