Sennheiser HD 800

This model is one of Sennheiser's proud creations, it combines 60 years of headphone engineering with modern technology and incorporates Sennheiser's most advanced driver technology. Their technology includes open, circum-aural dynamic stereo headphones that redefines reference-level audio and produces high fidelity natural sound and no other manufacturer has been able to produce anything as close as the HD 800 when it comes to the basic acoustic conditions of natural hearing.

Incorporating airspace technology in its design, it was made for comfort and durability with premium material and parts, handmade in Germany. They may seem a little heavy with the cord at 330g, the overall effect is solid, durable and comfortable.

These headphones closely resemble listening to loudspeakers which also means you need a good amplifier to get the most out of them as some amplifiers can't keep up with them. They sound good with every type of music and many customers rave about how they are the best headphones they have ever had.

The cost of these headphones could be the biggest drawback. There are some providers that sell them for $2,500.00 but they can be found for $1,500.00. Based on our research, customers who have purchased these headphones have complained about the cost in the beginning but when they began using them, they totally forgot about the cost and became fascinated by their rediscovery about what music ought to sound like.

Several customers have clearly expressed that these headphones set a new metric against any serious headphone or transducer, and say that when they used these headphones the first time it was like nothing they have ever heard, yet it sounded so effortless and how music should sound like.

The HD 800 is beautifully designed and artfully crafted in terms of quality of material and assembly, not only are they attractive to look at but are exceptionally comfortable to wear, also described as headphone nirvana!

Some of the most amusing feedback about these headphones that we have come across was the description of a particular customer who said: 'With other headphones, you listen to the music. While with the 800's, you are part of the performance, everything is natural and real, these phones are a match for everything in your collection. Yes, it's a big investment (as well as the kit you really need to appreciate them) but the end result can take you places you never knew existed!'.

With the cost aside, these headphones probably sum up the following:

  1. The ability to produce a sound stage
  2. Natural sound: you only hear what is there
  3. Silence: this may sound strange, but with these headphones you really hear the silence between musical notes
  4. Clarity
  5. Comfort

Several premium headphones in the price range have outstanding sound. But this one seems to have the pleasing combination of accuracy, depth of sound, and comfort and while the hefty price tag, we haven't come across anyone that didn't love them.

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