Sennheiser HD 280

These headphones are value for money and built to last, they are created for a wide variety of applications, such as professional monitoring applications, and since they have exceptional 32dB attenuation of external noises makes the HD 280 Pro particularly useful for use in high-noise environments.

Described as a no-frills, exceedingly comfortable pair, responds to plenty of rich, articulate low frequency response here, but the entire frequency range is dutifully represented. At this very reasonable price (just under $90) this can be the first studio pair you start with, and possible end there too.

Speaking of comfort, this is probably the single most important element after the quality of sound that distinguishes these headphones, which is their long-term comfort, and does an amazing job at making long sessions virtually fatigue-free.

Modern pop, hip-hop, and rock tracks sound excellent on this headphone, and you almost forget that you're listening to the most basic pair in the product line. Although this is certainly not the top of the product line, it is certainly the most popular.

A very amusing review we came across was: "The folks at Sennheiser must not have large heads" which seems to come across consistently from different customers, something to keep in mind when considering these headphones.

As mentioned earlier, the passive noise reduction is one of the best features of these headphones, which means you get to hear the music through the silence that comes with noise reduction (32 dB) that is much better than active noise reduction. Other reviews highlight that the noise reduction in these headphones is so wonderful it makes airplane flights much more enjoyable and very well could be used as passive noise-reduction headphones.

Other things to consider:

1- Portability: These headphones are foldable and can be packed into a smaller more compact setting but they are not classified as fully portable.

2- Case: These headphones don't come with a case, so if you plan to move around a lot, you definitely want to invest in something to carry them with.

3- Natural sound: These headphones are known to produce natural sound, so if you don't know what that is, please make sure you understand exactly what it is because it may not be your preferred sound in a headphone. There are basically 3 types of sounds. A natural sound, colorful/vibrant sound (no so much artificial), and an artificial sound that is very bassy. The first step is find out which of these sounds you like most.

If you were a total newbie, trying to get into the game of headphones, this baby is for you.

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