Sennheiser HD 650

Developed from the award-winning HD 600, the HD 650 features improved materials for even better sound reproduction, providing captivating with absolute precision and lifelike reproduction.

Reading the above paragraph certainly gives you a sense of high expectations, and the headphones certainly look the part, but is this really the case? Something we shall explore in more details in the paragraphs to follow.

Aesthetically, the headphones certainly look the part, they have a luxurious feel, with thickly padded headband and ear cushions, and a titanium-silver finish, which certainly give the impression that these are special headphones. They are pretty big and moderately heavy (254g) but extremely comfortable.

While this site doesn't list much of the technical specifications, as they can be found at the Sennheiser website, we do include some details that later on are referred to by some of the most popular customer reviews we have found.

HD 650

Reviewers certainly point out that these headphones are certainly not for the outdoor bus and train commuters as the sound coming out of the headphones can be heard. Additionally, they do consume a lot of power, so your average iPod and other media players won't be able to provide enough power to keep these headphones running.

This makes them best suited for home or closed studio use, and probably best suited for home entertainment as the sound quality surpasses anything many customers have tried.

The price range is certainly affordable for the Music aficionado, but lies in the upper limits. Our research has found a ranging between $500-$1000, but most of the sites had them in the lower end of that range, so, it is something to certainly consider if used at home or home theater, or even a closed studio.

Looking at the price again, some customers commented at how happy they were to own a pair of these headphones, but did mention for the difference in quality, they would have happily bought one of the 5xx models for at least half the price, that said, it really does depend on the person's needs/taste and what they are looking for in a pair of headphones.

Another drawback is that you might need to purchase an accompanying amplifier (depending on your equipment) for these headphones to get the most out of it (300 ohms of impedance!), which really means you should either be a professional, or someone who really knows what they are getting and are serious about their music.

The HD650 is a relative bargain in today's headphone market when considering the next step up and the relative high cost involved.

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