Best Sennheiser Headphones

In our Sennheiser headphones review, we briefly went over the distinguishing factors of Sennheiser's headphone technology, as well as a brief overview of some of their best headphones based on our research of the market and what other users have said.

While we have come to appreciate that most users of Sennheiser's headphones are attracted to the superior sound quality and find it very difficult to change to other products of different brands, we have also factored in budget considerations and ruled out anything about $500.

In our research, we have narrowed down our product range to a few products of the Sennheiser HD series and two products of the Sennheiser PXC (noise cancelling series). The noise cancelling series have a specific use (i.e., noise reduction) and do not compare the HD series in terms of sound quality simply because of the way noise cancellation technology works. With that in mind, Sennheiser's PXC series are remarkable for their sound quality compared to products of different brands.

In terms of the HD Series, the products chosen are (in order of cost):

Sennheiser HD 650

HD 650Price Range: Around $500
Distinguishing Features: Uses latest technology (neodymium magnets, lightweight aluminum voice coils) to provide superior sound quality (dynamic hi-fi stereo, silk acoustic, THD reduced to 0.05%, frequency response of 10 - 39,500 Hz) and has a high quality titanium/silver finish to provide really fancy looking headphones.
Variety of Users: As it produces truly unique natural sound, it is more popular amongst sound engineers mostly due to the unique technological features that provide such quality but probably because of the cost as well.

Sennheiser HD 598

HD 598Price Range:  $150-$200
Distinguishing Features: Aside from the unique sound quality known of all Sennheiser products, this stands out for its wonderful design and beautiful colors. Not only is it a good looking set of headphones, but is also ergonomic, sophisticated with burl wood accents and luxurious velour ear pads for long listening sessions.
Variety of Users: Because these are not intended for use in public areas (people will be able to hear what you are listening to), they are mainly for listening to music in the quiet seclusion of your home or studio, which still makes the audience slightly limited but more than the HD 650 due to the cost difference.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

HD 280 ProPrice Range: Around $90
Distinguishing Features: Lightweight, comfortable and ergonomically designed. They are also collapsible for convenience and travel. Has all the benefits of Sennheiser's superior sound quality.
Variety of Users: These headphones come highly recommended by a very wide range of users of various different users, and is very reasonably priced. One of the noticeable comments by users is that these are not well suited for people of very large heads as they may seem a bit tight, something to consider.

In terms of PXC series, the two chosen noise cancellation headphones are:

Sennheiser PXC 450

PXC 450Price Range: $250-$500
Distinguishing Features: Equipped with NoiseGard 2.0 technology for Active Noise-Cancelling (up to 90%), as well as 'Talk through' function which allows you to talk undisturbed while wearing the headphones, most of all, they work even if the batteries (1 AAA) run out. Many rate it as the best noise cancelling headphone on the market.
Variety of Users: This seems to be extremely popular amongst users of Noise Cancelling headphones for its comfort, and efficiency. Keep in mind to shop around as you may be able to get this for half price.

Sennheiser PXC 250-ii

PXC 250-IIPrice Range: Around $110
Distinguishing Features: Collapsible, lightweight, operates up to 50 hours on a single AAA battery, very practical for travelers as it works quite well for in-flight entertainment as well as other personal media players.
Variety of Users: Not as popular of PXC 450 due to size of ear phones due to comfort, noise cancelling ability (up to 80%), nevertheless, the cost makes it more considerable if what you are looking for just something to make your travel more bearable.


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